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Cables for Sweet Pea

All design elements seem to be coming together for this toddler cabled sweater. I found Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard’s designs by searching ‘baby sweaters’ and I was instantly drawn to her bold and unabashed use of texture in children’s clothing. So much so, I invested in another knitting book, her baby collection, Lullaby Knits.

Here I’ve worked the body in the round. For as complex as the cabling looks, it really has knit up fast. I’m using Cascade Venezia (70% merino wool/ 30% silk) and I love the yarn! The yarn isn’t splitting and the silk isn’t too slick. Plus, I think the silk is catching the hills and valleys of the texture and enhancing the way the light hits it. And the merino has nice loft and spring that makes it oh so baby- snuggly.

I realized after the fact that the pattern is written for 0-3 months only. So I went ahead and took my gauge with the stitch pattern and then used the Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Sweater Percentage System. Thinking about how quickly children grow, I decided to add two inches of positive ease and an inch or two length for growing room. Thankfully the pattern is also very stretchy.

 Don’t let the knitting conquer you but make it do what you want.

The color is not one that I would have thought for a little girl sweater. The practical ‘stash-bust’ side of me, made me pull the ball out in the first place. But as I began working up the swatches and getting a sense for the pattern and yarn compatibility, it was my two year old who helped me decide to make this sweater.

Sweet Pea seemed to really like the swatch and would snag it off my desk and run away with it, pretending to stretch it across her like it was her sweater. After about the third day of this kind of play, I realized that maybe she really liked the color and wanted to wear it as her sweater. I pulled the swatch up to the intended blue-eyed, blond headed 8 month old and then to the hazel-browned eyes and honey nut headed two year old, and to the latter, I just couldn’t resist how pretty the dark green drew out her eyes.

Color hue working at its best to enhance beauty already there.