I became a mother of a THIRD daughter just a couple of months before 2015 rolled over in our calendars. I’m crazy about them! And I’m crazy about knitting. But I’m a busy mommy. Before despairing that I’d never knit another stitch before the girls turned twenty, I started browsing yoke sweaters to get me through this busy season.

 Yokes are so versatile and I particularly love them for children because the color frames the face so nicely.

Aren’t these design’s beautiful! Katie Davies’ dolls (right) are so sweet. And I can totally envision Sara Dearne’s purple sweater (left) in my girls’ favorite color, plus I really liked the color work around the sleeve cuff.

Yokes knit up quickly because the body and sleeves can be knit in plain St st and in the round.

I can’t imagine knitting a yoked sweater without taking a look at Elizabeth Zimmermann’s, Seamless Yoked Sweater. I’m a big fan of EZ , but browsing through her yoked sweater on Ravelry made me love her all over again! Knitters take her design and make it their own. There isn’t a project in the bunch that is the same.

 Yokes are a perfect knitter’s canvas to explore color and design.

Mommy duties might just have inspired a whole new knitting direction for 2015 that is surprisingly satisfying and wonderful.

Yokes are far from boring!

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