This month’s knitting was finishing up a baby mobile for my third daughter’s crib. I’ve never owned a mobile so I’m pretty excited about this one. Other highlights included forcing bulbs for early flowering bloom to cheer away the winter blues and getting active in fresh air through Track and Field club. Spring has been a great time to love on my girls!


When I saw this knit mobile in “Vintage Knits for Modern Babies” by Hadley Fierlinger, I was smitten with its cuteness. I grabbed some 100% wool I had on hand and knit away. I first tried some pretty pastel cotton like the pattern calls for but I stuck with wool since it keeps its shape better.

The pattern looked complex but it really isn’t. Constructed similar to a sock, the bunny body works up quickly and the ears are knit flat and sewn together. All in all, neither of the parts were too strenuous or time-consuming. Come to think of it, the pom-poms were the hardest part of the project. I enlisted a movie and the help of my husband to wrap yarn and cut poms with me.

I had the bunny parts in a bag for a long time which greatly interested my toddler. She’d play with the pom-poms and bunny ears almost every morning until my oldest daughter helped me stuff the bunnies. Makes me think I should make a bigger sized bunny for her. Still left to do is make the I-cord for hanging. A fun knit!


Pulling out pots of WHITE growing bulbs end of February was a definite highlight (they greened up inside quickly). The best part about the whole thing was how the family, including our toddler, watched on a daily basis the changes in the bulbs from growing taller, budding out, to flowering. The crocuses grew about 12″ but didn’t really flower. The daffodils grew about 18″ in height and bloomed really well. I will definitely be doing this again next year!

Spring Into Action!

We joined a running club in March. Normally, I wouldn’t be out in the cooler spring weather but track brought us out this year. I bundled up the two babies in the stroller to get my exercise while the oldest gets to run off some energy. When the hottest months of the year roll around here in July and August, I’ll be looking back thankful that we were out enjoying the Spring weather.

Hope your Spring has been great too!


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